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Welcome to the Pietersfontein Conservancy! We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the Pietersfontein Conservancy, the 99th Conservancy registered in the Western Cape by CapeNature. Founded in late 2021, our conservancy spans a vast area of 10461 hectares, covering three diverse vegetation types: Fynbos, Renosterveld, and Succulent Karoo.

The Pietersfontein Conservancy is a community-driven initiative that brings together 35 farm properties and 19 landowners who share a common goal: to preserve and sustainably manage the rich natural resources within our region. Through voluntary cooperation and a shared commitment to conservation, our members contribute to the protection of wildlife populations and the enhancement of the environment's overall conservation status.

We recognize the importance of preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystem and promoting environmental awareness. By working hand in hand, we aim to ensure the long-term sustainability of our natural resources, while also providing vital ecosystem services such as pollination and water purification.

Located mainly northwards of the R 318, our conservancy encompasses a significant water catchment area that serves the agricultural valleys below, as well as several crucial biodiversity hotspots. With the highest peak reaching 1432 meters above sea level, our region boasts breathtaking landscapes and a wealth of natural diversity.

As we continue to expand our boundaries and membership base, we invite other like-minded landowners in the vicinity to join us in our mission. We also offer corporate and honorary memberships for those who wish to support our cause. For inquiries and further information about membership, please reach out to our dedicated contact person, Marco Harms.

Join us in our efforts to protect and preserve the natural heritage of the Pietersfontein area. Together, we can make a significant impact on the conservation of our environment for generations to come.

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